A 21st Century Company

BodyAlign is a 21st century direct sales company founded on a few basic principles

  • Dedication to improving the wellness of the planet without medications or excessive supplements
  • A firm commitment to person to person marketing
  • A determination to increase the wealth of BodyAlign members

Our mission is to positively change people's lives through our revolutionary H3 approach to wellness management.

Many person to person sales companies claim that they are committed to the success of their members, yet most members don't make very much money. Our 21st century philosophy is to make our approach to direct sales as revolutionary as our 21st century wellness products.

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2020 General Booth Blvd. Suite 200 Virginia Beach, Va. 23456

A Simple Pay Plan

We start with a pay plan that's REALLY designed for BodyAlign members. It's simple to begin, with an amazingly low cost to become a member. There's no fine print designed to keep members from earning money. In fact, the only qualification to earn money is maintaining one of the lowest sales volumes in the entire direct sales industry. Then, any time anyone on your sales team buys or sells anything you earn money. And the revolutionary part of the pay plan is that we guarantee that 60% of the revenue will actually be written as checks to our Members. Frankly, that number destroys the low industry average.

Dedicated to Wellness

Health and wellness are lifelong pursuits. More and more people are concerned about their overall wellness. This is a market that will never go away. Ask anyone how long they will be concerned about their health, and they'll answer forever. There will always be people wanting to improve their wellness, and there will always be Health Care practitioners wanting to improve their clients' wellness.

Alternative healthcare is a $50 billion dollar industry growing at a rate of 4% every single year. It was resilient during the recent recession, and recent changes in health insurance are resulting in more and more people looking to alternative, wellness-focused health solutions. It's a huge market that BodyAlign and its members are already successful in.

The BodyAlign H3 holographic wellness technology has been been proven and tested in research laboratories, on the playing field, and by the thousands of people using holographic wellness products. BodyAlign H3 holographic wellness technology is a revolutionary, simple, inexpensive, effective way to support people in their own complete wellness and personal performance programs.

Giving to the Community

BodyAlign gives the world a new model for wellness, and is also giving the world a new model for giving to the community and caring about the future. The BodyAlign Cares program automatically turns you into a social entrepreneur... And as a social entrepreneur you live life to the fullest, retire with dignity, help your community, and pass your legacy onto the next generation while you support your family.

BodyAlign is your chance to bring health and wellness to your family and friends while you create a healthy community.

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