How To Use The
Sleep Disc

The Sleep Disc is a non addictive, non habit forming way to get a good night's sleep... And when you wake up you don't have the grogginess often found with sleep medications. The benefits associated with a good night's sleep can include improved memory, reduced inflammation, increased creativity, improved athletic performance, healthy weight, better moods, a reduced chance of illness, and a even a longer life.

When To Apply The Sleep Discs

Apply Sleep Discs 10 to 30 minutes before bedtime. Remove the Discs when you wake up in the morning.

Where To Apply The Sleep Discs

Insomnia takes many different forms. Among the most common are the following.

If you're in pain, use the Relief Disc to manage the pain. If your mind won't stop, use the Relief Disc to control stress.

Difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep can also be the result of either too much energy or too little energy in specific acupuncture meridians in your body. The following points should be considered for placement of the Sleep Disc.

Heart 7 (HT-7)

This point is very effective at reducing excess conditions that result in difficulty going to sleep. It also helps to calm the mind. It is located on the palm side of the wrist in the crease formed between the forearm and the hand. In the crease, it is located under the "pinky" finger. Typically BodyAlign Discs have a hard time sticking to the exact point because of the motion in the crease of the wrist. The best strategy is to place the Sleep Disc on the forearm as close to the wrist as possible. This is likely to also influence HT-6, which is another great point for insomnia, particularly if you sweat at night.

Liver 3 (LV-3)

This is another great point for dealing with excess conditions resulting in insomnia. It's located on the top of your foot. Use your finger to follow the depression between the big toe and the toe next to it. As you move your finger toward the ankle, you will feel a point where the bones from these two toes come together. That's the proper location.

Spleen 6 (SP-6)

Another excellent location for sleep disorders. This is an important point for sending biological signals to the Liver and Kidney. It is located on the inside of the leg, 4 finger widths directly above the ankle bone.

Gallbladder 12 (GB-12)

This point is particularly effective if you experience a lot of brain activity when you try to sleep. It is located behind the ear, slightly above the ear lobe. You may need to shave a bit of hair off to use this point. If that is a problem for you, avoid using this point. Other placement points will work well too.

Stomach 36 (ST-36)

This point is very useful if the cause of your insomnia is irregular food intake. It is located 1 finger width to the outside of the shin bone and 3 finger widths below the lowest point in the kneecap.

Determining The Right Point To Use

The right point to use depends on exactly why you are having difficulty sleeping. The only way you can determine the exact cause is to consult with a healthcare practitioner familiar with treatment using acupuncture points.

You may wear more than 1 Sleep Disc at a time or in combination with Relief Discs. Never wear more than 5 BodyAlign Products simultaneously.

The best strategy to follow without seeing a healthcare professional is to experiment with each of the points until you find the one that works best for you.

Additional Reccomendations

As with all BodyAlign products, make certain you are adequately hydrated. Refer to the general product recommendations for more details.

This may seem counterintuitive, but in some cases of insomnia the underlying problem may be a deficiency of energy. In those cases, it may help to use the Action Disc during the day. This is particularly true if you constantly overwork either physically or mentally. Experiment with using the Action Disc on HT-7 or SP-6 during the day. Remove the Action Disc several hours before bedtime, then apply the Sleep Disc to one of the other points.

Overwork and irregular food intake (eating things you are not accustomed to eating) often is the cause of insomnia. If that is true for you, the first thing to do is change your behavior. Relax a little and eat sensible foods.

The identification of acupuncture points is for educational purposes only. They should in no way be considered any form of diagnosis or treatment. The points have been selected based on their common use by acupuncture and acupressure professionals. People may use this information to experiment with the placement of BodyAlign products at their own choice. BodyAlign recommends that for the optimum use of the Discs, you visit a healthcare professional who is licensed to do treatments using acupuncture points. BodyAlign continuously seeks input from its community of healthcare professionals about effective point placements. Watch this webpage for additional effective locations as they become available.