BodyAlign provides a revolutionary new approach to your personal wellness management without drugs or excessive supplementation.

Watch this video now and see how BodyAlgin products can be the foundation for your own personal wellness revolution. Start looking and feeling better today!

Unique H3 Technology provides you with superior energy-based health products.

This video reveals the technology secrets behind our holographic disc and wristband products. Discover the science behind our products and how they make a positive impact on your life.

Discover the science behind our products and how they make a positive impact on your life.

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Change Lives In The 21st Century Wellness Revolution

Unique Holistic Holographic Health Products and Personal Success Opportunities

How To Use BodyAlign H3 Holographic Products

As simple to use as putting on a Band Aid®

BodyAlign products are completely safe and amazingly easy to use. Simply peel off the backing and stick it on your skin like a Band Aid®. Click on the Product Usage button below to discover the most effective way to use each BodyAlign product. You'll learn...

  • How to make sure the discs stick to your skin.
  • The best places to put the discs on your body.
  • Important other things you can do to enhance the overall effectiveness of our products
How to Use Our Products

Wellness Results Backed By Solid Research And Clinical Experience

BodyAlign H3 products are proven...
  • In laboratory tests by scientists.
  • In clinics by health practitioners.
  • On the playing field by professional and amateur athletes.
  • Every day by thousands of people using them.

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Research Results

What People Say About BodyAlign

My vision is to help everyone in the world have the opportunity to achieve a balanced life… spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally, and to have financial freedom as they follow the leading of God in their heart and live their dream.

I see Body Align allowing my work to be my play. It’s like tending the yard. My husband says “Jana, why are you working in the yard?” and I say, “I’m not, I’m gardening!” And so, I believe that God has blessed me by bringing Body Align to me: it’s technology, it’s products, it’s people, and it’s compensation plan. All the elements to support me in my vision are here. They all tie together and will allow us all; you, me and the other distributors, to create something much bigger than any of us and make a true difference in the world on many levels.

Right now, I am using the purify disc on the outside of a tooth while I await my dentist appointment. I can feel the difference. The pain disc has helped tremendously with back and shoulder pain. The sleep disc I use at night for better sleep, the band for energy and general health, and the youth disc for hormonal balance.. Heck, I look like a Christmas tree, and I don’t care! Try one, you’ll like it! and with a money back guarantee, what do you have to loose, except your illness!

Which brings up the fine print warning: If you are using your pains and illnesses as an excuse to not be all you can be, DON’T try these, ok?!!