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Sleep Patch - Sweet Dreams


Get A Good Night's Sleep

Are you restless at night? Perhaps you feel groggy in the mornings due to tossing and turning. The refreshed feeling of waking up could be just one Sleep Patch away.  This is a non-chemical, non-pharma product to induce sleep.  By copying frequencies of the known natural products of the world to induce sleep and combine them all into a single patch formula, the Sleep Patch is a no-drug solution to getting a great night's rest!

Apply a sleep patch 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to bedtime and apply it on the side of your neck near your ear (see packaging for exact placement).  In the morning, remove the patch and dispose of it or keep it to be used for another night. 

Purchase either a 6-night trial (6 patches) or a 30 day supply (30 patches) today. (See Frequent Asked Questions below.)

  • Apply the patch to the neck.

    The best placement is behind the ear (right or left).

    Along the neckline. ( Please see the packaging)

    Place them on a clean and dry area avoiding the hairline.

    Patches may be used two nights in a row.

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Troubles Sleeping or Staying Asleep.

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