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This Valentine's Day, step beyond traditional gifts and surprise your loved ones with the gift of health and wellness from BodyAlign. In a world where well-being is paramount, our cutting-edge wellness products offer a unique and thoughtful way to show your care and affection.



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Hi! I am the founder!

Body Align was founded on the basic principle of helping people with health concerns with an energetic product line.

While at Texas Instruments, I helped develop cellphone products that protected people from EMF, heat, and phone emissions. I found some amazing ways to enhance protection and design.

"I discovered how changing materials can impact the body. After leaving Texas Instruments, I developed a product line that helps with sleep, energy, detox, pain, and EMF reactions. Our products have helped hundreds of people over 10+ years."

Steve Lepkowski


Body Align

Our customers say

"I have watched my dog of 8 years decline. Since getting this amazing pet tag, I have seen him rebound in energy and happiness. Thank you!"

Pamela Daniels

Verified Customer

"I have an active life and a very creative mind, which made it hard to sleep. Thank you for the Sleep Patch, they really help me to relax and rest again."

Paris Dylan

Verified Customer

"Can't even imagine now, if I did not have these available to me during my marathons. At almost 80 years old now I need every advantage. Ultimate Wellness Band on every run!"

Stan Cottrell

Verified Customer'

Body Align
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How does this work?

Products are infused through a process of energy frequencies during an energetic process. These are embedded in the product materials and locked in. They are read by the body and used or absorbed energetically.

How long till I see results?

Depends on the type of product. For Detox for instance you will see the process take place over 72 hours since it effects the liver. With Sleep Patches, you will begin to feel more relaxed and able to rest the first application. Pain patches can be felt within the first few hours of application.

What is your return policy?

We know and understand that like acupuncture and other forms of energy like sound baths and holistic products like ours may have subtle or profound impacts on your body. But if you are not happy withing 30 days, we can refund you or provide you with a credit towards another product you would like to try and use.

What is the Warranty?

Here is our warranty to you. We will provide you with a quality product at an affordable rate. Our technical team has been producing these products for over 10 years with you in mind. If you have any issues we are here to listen and support you. Just ask.