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Universal Pet Wellness

A Better World For Pets

Although our pets can not vocalize as we do, they still communicate with us. We know when they are happy or in pain and notice if they have low energy or are depressed. They also deal with some of the same physical challenges that come from aging like humans do! As a member of my family, we treat them just like one too--with love and care. Now there is even more good news for your pet: You can benefit from our Energy Wellness products that work on all members of the human body including animals! 

The same frequencies that we have in our Ultimate Wellness Band are now designed for pets and small mammals.  Now we have added the EMF calming frequencies of our EMF discs. 

(1 Pet Tag per pack)

  • The Pet Tag is designed to:

    Help Increase Your Pet’s Energy Level

    Help Diminish Chronic & Acute Pain

    Help Reduce Effects Of Daily Toxins

    Help Protect From Fleas & Ticks

    Help Bring Back Bounce & Vitality

    Help Reduce EMF exposure through signaling

NOTE: All International Orders are subject to Import & Duty Fees and are the responsibility of the customer.  Not available in all countries. 

*UK, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, & Canada please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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See bounce and vitality returning to your favorite friend.