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Purify Patch


Detoxification Made Simple

The Purify Patch is a natural detoxification technology you can wear 24 hours a day. It makes detoxifying your body safe and simple. The Purify Patch helps you cleanse yourself from a lifetime of toxic foods, bad habits, and pollutants in the environment. It helps dislodge those negative substances from the organs they have become stored in.

Benefits associated with detoxification include increased energy, better blood circulation, a stronger immune system, clearer skin, improved digestion, reduced aches and pains, weight management, a stronger libido, and much more.

(12 patches per pack)

The reviews you see below from the Relief Disc will only get better with the Pain Patch. (See Frequent Asked Questions below.)

  • Apply to the abdomen below the navel. Also called the C4 on the energy body chart.

    Leave on the body for 72 hours.

    Reapply a new patch after a 24 hour period.

    Consume 2 to 3 liters of water per day.


If you want to feel better overall by getting rid of toxic chemicals your body has stored, the Purify Patch can help you do it.

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Natural Detox Of Your Body