Cellphone EMF Protect Disc

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EMF Cell Protect Discs is a solution for people seeking to mitigate the rising health concerns surrounding 4G & 5G technology, smart meters, wifi routers, communication towers closer together and lower to ground level than ever before. Evidence supports that using cell phones can lead to negative biological effects from electromagnetic radiation emissions that come from your cell phone or wireless device emitting radio frequency nonionizing energy also referred to as RF/EMR which causes tissue heating (thermal effect), changes in blood flow (dynamic effect), DNA damage (genotoxic effect), stress responses such as increased free radical levels leading to oxidative stress in tissues where there is insufficient blood flow. (1 Disc per pack).
This product is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or children under the age of 16.

The Cell Protect Disc is designed to protect you from potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) that you are surrounded and bombarded by 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Cell Protect Disc is the perfect product for anyone that wants to avoid playing Russian roulette every time they use a cell phone or other electronic device.

The Cell Protect Disc is placed directly on the back of a Cell Phone or any other Electronic Device and Eliminates any Harmful Effect of EMF Radiation.

Apply to the back of the mobile device.

Place the device below the cover to protect it. It will not affect its functionality.

Keep it dry, clean and prevent body oils from its surface.

When applying. Remove the disc gently from its paper backing.

If paper sticks gently use a sharp object to remove the backing.

You may use the disc between the cover and phone without adhering but may become lost.

The Cell Protect Disc is designed to:

Protection from Cell Phone EMF

Protection from Computer EMF

Protection from WiFi Radiation

Reduces EMF Effects of All Electronics

Reduces overall damage from EMF

NOTE: Body Aligns EMF Radiation Protection Holographic Discs and Strips DO NOT BLOCK EMF it protects your BODY from the HARMFUL EFFECTS of EMF Radiation with hundreds of POSITIVE FREQUENCIES.


There are many tests to confirm the effects of Smartphones. One of the most common detection is that of SARS which measures the heating effect that happens to the human brain. More over, as this chart suggested due to the density of children the danger is more prevelent.

Smartphones Are Increasing

Smartphones worldwide in 2019 was 3.5 Billion. In just the US the number of users grow steadily. So will the wireless networks grow to meet this demand for speed and customer satisfaction.

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Researchers Investigate

Researchers believe that the microwave radiation from cell phones interacts with the water in your brain to create electrical vortexes, and research shows that EEG signals are significantly changed when you use a cell phone, even if you just carry it. Studies have also shown that cell phones can heat your brain just like a microwave oven heats food.

Just think about how many hours you spend sitting in front of computer screens or watching TV. They are a source of EMF radiation too. Why take a chance with you and your family's health.

  • Electromagnetic radiation comes from:
  • Cell Phones
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • WiFi
  • Wireless Phone Handsets
  • Computer Monitors
  • Tablet
  • Computers
  • TVs
  • Electrical Wiring in Your Home
  • Broadcast TV and Radio Signals
  • Other Electronic DevicesAnd all this radiation can be harming you in subtle ways you can't even feel.


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