Cellular Protect EMF Strips

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Body Align has developed a product line called EMF Cellular Protect Strips that help neutralize these frequencies before they reach your body.

By placing these products near you or on your devices, you can counteract the effects of positive ions emitted by cell phones, wifi routers, smart meters, and communication towers without blocking signals or interfering with wireless devices. This way you get to use all of the benefits of modern-day technology while protecting yourself against the detrimental side effects associated with over-exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

(2 Strips)

Ever feel drained? Perhaps consistent and/ or persistent headaches? Even tingling in your hands or face when near electronic devices or wifi? You may be sensitive to Electro-Magnetic Force (EMF) frequencies. Our bodies are electrical and we can even be conductors of electricity.  Your body may feel this influence.  To prevent such experiences, Body Align has Cell Protect Strips for all your electronic devices.  The Cell Protect Strips signal the body in response to the EMF to remain calm and stay at rest.  This can positively influence your own body's reaction to the EMF.

With our new introduction of the EMF Protect Strips, you have the same great protection of the Cell Protect Disc but the two strips in each pack can be easily fitted to larger devices like routers, laptops, computer screens, televisions, devices, and more.

The new sleek design provides protection for 1-2 meters from any device to your body. 

Apply to the back of tablets of all sizes.

Place the device below the screen on TVs, monitors facing you.

Place anywhere on a clean flat surface on routers and wireless devices.

Please refer to the product packaging for further details.

Keep it dry, clean and prevent body oils from its surface.

When applying. Remove the disc gently from its paper backing.

If paper sticks gently use a sharp object to remove the backing.

The EMF Protect Strips is designed to:

Protection from Cell Phone Radiation

Protection from Computer Screen Radiation

Protection from WiFi Radiation

Reduces EMF Effects of All Electronics

Reduces overall damage for EMF


What is 5G and where?

In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide in 2019, and is the planned successor to the 4G networks which provide connectivity to most current cellphones.

Electromagnetic radiation comes from:

Cell Phones 

Cell Phone Towers


Wireless Phone

Monitors Tablet Computers TVs Electrical Wiring in Your Home 

Broadcast TV and Radio Signals 

Other Electronic Devices

And all this radiation can be harming you in subtle ways you can not even feel.


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