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Laughter Makes The Medicine Go Down - Laughter and Your Health

Humor is an often-overlooked way to protect ourselves during tough times. Laughter and humor are powerful tools in the fight for good health because they provide many benefits such as increased cardiovascular strength, a stronger immune system against disease or infection (because of its ability relieve stress), improved mental clarity/concentration due to less tension being felt by your body when stressed out which leads people into feeling happy again even though what's going on around them may not allow this same luxury; reduced blood pressure levels!

This could be one reason why some studies have shown those who watch comedies tend to live longer lives than those without any affinity towards sitcoms.

Laughter is the best medicine. You know it, I know it and now you'll be able to prove that laughter really does heal when your doctor gives this prescription: tickle yourself!

A recent study in Clinical Psychology found laughing can reduce stress levels by 20%. Studies also show people who laugh often live longer than those without much humor--it seems there are many benefits of a good hearty bellyful of laughs including improved physical well-being with increased strength or flexibility as some examples from sports specific articles on where exercise has been shown helpful for both mind AND body (I'm looking at YOU yoga).

Physical Benefits 

Laughter is the best way to release tension, and it's something we can all use more often. Laughter triggers humor receptors in your brain which releases endorphins that make you happy while also functioning as a natural painkiller or mood elevator! Not only does laughter help alleviate muscle aches but studies show that active individuals (and I'm always on my feet) have higher levels of cheerfulness than sedentary folks; so find yourself some good laughs today- just be careful not laugh too hard because when one person starts they usually don't know how long this will last.

Laughter is a great exercise, and it's so easy to do. You can even laugh while you're doing other activities like gardening or cooking! Laughs improve your heart health by making blood begin racing through your body at an increased rate - meaning that if we want our muscles relax during these times then they'll need more oxygen in order for them work properly again afterwards too due valve adjustments from laughter which also helps prevent strokes because of how wide open those vessels are as well since high-pressure areas close down around things people find funny (or scary).

Laughter Can Boost Heart Health

Laughter is good for you, and it's not just the physical benefits. It has been shown to improve your cardiovascular health too! Medical professionals tell us that when we laugh during minor activities like a funny TV show or an office joke with coworkers- our muscles relax while blood flows more freely throughout your body improving circulation as well. You might find yourself feeling happier than ever before if laughter can do this much in one day.

Humor Brings Comfort and Eases Physical Pain

When Robert Bonakdar, MD - director of pain management at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine greets patients in a room full of tension and fear he knows that it can be difficult to find humor amidst such circumstances. Luckily his humor is lightening everyone's mood with ice-breaking comments designed just so they'll feel more comfortable as well easing any perception there may have been about what was going on around them during treatment which will ultimately lead him closer towards achieving patient goals!

‚ÄúWe know that laughter has been shown in studies to improve your pain threshold, likely due to an endorphin-mediated opiate effect. What is interesting is that this appears to be independent of your mood, meaning that it can have a positive effect even when you are down.‚ÄĚ


The more you laugh, the less pain there is. Laughter distorts our sense of reality and causes us to temporarily forget about a lot of what’s going on in life which often includes pain. The endorphins that are released during this process make headaches disappear almost instantly without any need for medicine or treatment because they kick out those nasty chemicals responsible for causing them!

Laughter Can Improve Sleep and Boost Immunity

Laughing is good for you! Research shows it has many physical benefits and can improve sleep quality too. When we laugh, our bodies produce more antibodies that protect us from disease all while enhancing the effectiveness of T cells in fighting illness-causing agents like bacteria or viruses that attack your body's systems (immune system). Laughter seems like such an innocent activity - but isn't that why most people do what they love best: laughing?

Psychological Benefits

The perfect way to shake off the blues is with some good old-fashioned humor. Humor has been shown time and again as an effective coping mechanism for stress, anxiety relief - even during difficult times!

Laughing Reduces Stress

It's not just the release of tension that makes humor a great stress reducer. It has been proven in clinical settings to decrease cortisol levels, which are what cause high degrees when we're stressed out! Humorous moments give you time away from worrying about all those negative things going on around us and allow your immune system some much-needed rest too - no wonder people find themselves taking breaks more often after they've watched their favorite standup comedian perform an act or two onstage at least once per week (and who could blame them?).

But this break from ruminating over your problems does even more for you. Marilyn Mendoza, PhD, writes in Psychology Today: ‚ÄĚHumor has a way of putting everything in perspective and as such, it reduces our fears.‚ÄĚ She goes on to say that it ‚Äúhelps us to put some distance between ourselves and the difficult things we confront.‚ÄĚ

It is not always easy to find humor in life. Sometimes we need a laugh and laughter can be our best medicine! Maybe after laughing, you discover new angles on problems or realize that other difficult periods haven't been so bad for us because this too shall pass - with time comes perspective; threats become opportunities when they're seen through different eyes. With just an intentional bit of funny business (ha!) There are many coping mechanisms at hand: hiding from embarrassing moments by grinning down from behind sunglasses instead picking them up off eye level where friends will see--or forgiving oneself while still being mindful enough about what one deserves by accepting responsibility without blindly blaming others.

Humor Improves Memory

You might be surprised to learn that humor can improve your memory retention. When relevant, it will help you remember what was just mentioned much better than if there were no jokes or funny stories involved in the conversation!

The research is clear: using wit and irony improves our ability for retaining information- which makes sense because both brains and minds love intrigue of all kinds.

Social Benefits

Humor is a great way to build relationships and make people laugh. It’s more than okay to laugh together, even at things that are laughable! The best part about being humorous with your friends? You'll always have an audience - everyone loves comedy routines, right?

Your wit will be appreciated by others as well if it's delivered in an entertaining manner (even though some may find them too crazy). So go ahead: Make Laughing Together Great Again!

Laughter Brings People Together

People are social animals, and laughter is an essential part of the group experience. Sharing a laugh together creates memories that last forever more for both you and your friends to cherish in good times as well bad ones- who doesn't want those types of friendships?

A shared moment can be so valuable - we all remember when two people started laughing because it spread fast from them throughout any given gathering or event; but even if someone just smiles at their friend across the room (or desk) what feels like magic happens: distance melts away while connections strengthen!

Laughter Adds Positivity to Conversations

Humor is an important social skill that can create positive communication between people. Just by sharing a meme or telling jokes, you are more likely to converse and have an enjoyable conversation with anyone who has heard what's going on in your life! Humorous stories act as both entertainment for yourself but also help brighten someone else’s day if they're feeling down too often. Spending time around these types of personalities may make them happier overall after just one story which makes this gift even better because it won't take long before we get back onto our busy lives again.

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