"Breakthrough Body Relief Patch Melts Away Discomfort"

✅ Rapid Relief of Injured Area

✅ Zero Discomfort

✅ Zero Chemicals or Side Effects

✅ Replaces NSAID & CBD Products

Rated 4.9 by 2200+ Clients

Experience How the Body Relief Patch
Works Up To 48 Hours

Notice your body relax and discomfort fade away as you feel a subtle shift after placing the Body Align Relief Patch on your injured or inflammed area.

The calming effects bring soothing relief that softens your tension while releasing aches, and sharp 'ouch' spots.

Place one on your skin in the center of your troubled area and feel the difference as each potent Relief Patch works up to 48 hours.

Try the Body Relief Patch for yourself today!

"New Holographic Technology Releases Inflamed Tensions,
Removes Aches, Stops Agony"

The Body Relief Patch uses a new 'Holographic Resonance'  technology that's been scientifically proven to stop swelling, reduce soreness, and recover from injuries faster.

We harnessed this groundbreaking discovery in Holographic Resonance so every Body Relief Patch:

  • Uses frequencies that target and mitigate inflammation

  • Delivers drug-free relief from past injuries

  • Helps reduce stress so you feel better

  • Diminishes symptoms of high blood pressure, migraines, fatigue, cataracts, and other conditions linked to aging.
You can now get the relief you want (and deserve), naturally.

When you use Body Relief Patches daily you'll notice a reduction in the overall inflammation and uneasiness in your body. Try yours today!


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Tiny Patch, BIG Relief!

Try this out and you'll experience, from your very first patch, a remarkable adjustment in how you feel with your body. Simply apply 1 patch to the area you wish to feel better, then notice how you feel better and better. Simple, natural, effective. Try yours today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the Body Relief Patches last?

Body Relief Patches will last up to 48 hours before you need to change them, or until the pain returns.

What is in the Body Relief Patches to make them work so well?

The patches are infused with frequencies, not ingredients. These frequencies number in combination which aids in reduced pain relief. There are no chemicals or herbs applied to the patch. This product is not a substitute for medical treatments.

I have severe pain may I use more than one?

Absolutely! You can use up to 3 patches for your pain. Most will find relief from one, but two or three may be required.

What if the Body Relief Patch does not work for me?

We suggest applying two patches instead of one. However, in some cases, pain may be too severe. Do not ignore this pain and consult a physician. Return unused patches within 30 Days for a full refund.