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Here’s how your guarantee works:

Try your ‘Sweet Dreams Sleep Patches’ for 30 days. If for any reason you feel they haven’t worked for you, we give you your money back. It’s that simple.

Rest assured you will slumber with certainty and finally get the relaxation you deserve!

Natural Sleep Patch.
Insomnia Gone.

Maryanne used to sleep 1-2 hours a night. She had constant insomnia. Then one day, Maryanne heard about a natural ‘Sweet Dreams Sleep Patch’ from a friend. Maryanne was skeptical but liked the natural aspect of the patch because she feared becoming addicted to sleeping pills. Her insomnia had gotten so bad and she was constantly tired. So Maryanne decided to give a chance to this Sweet Dreams Sleep Patch.

It’s been several months now, and here’s what Maryanne has to say: “I have been using the sleep patch for months now. It works for me!!! Was just on vacation and usually do not sleep well when away. Used the patch and had no problem the whole week. Will continue to use it. Love that I get a good night's sleep!!!!”

-Maryanne M.
Verified Purchase

"This works so well. I fall asleep easily and stay sound asleep throughout the night."

- Peg F.
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"So happy with the patch! Got off a prescription and wake up and rested for the first time in
years! A miracle for me!"

- Alexis L.
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"These patches are wonderful they help keep the deep sleep and less wakefulness."

- Cynthia H.
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"These patches truly work! If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep try this product,
you will not be disappointed."

- Darrell S.
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"I use these when I'm having a hard time getting to sleep 😴 💤 they work 👏 amazing..

- Jessica B.
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"Love the sleep patches and the way they just let me drift off to sleep. I’ve told all my friends about them! "

- Eleanor I.
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Frequently Asked Questions


How many Sleep Patches come in a pack?

30 Patches are in each standard package, unless you order a 6 Day Trial. Patches can be worn up to 2 times. So this is 60 days of sweet dreams if you purchase the standard pack.

How long do the Sleep Patches last?

Sleep Patches can be used nightly. Each patch can be worn twice.

I have severe sleep issues- may I use more than one Sleep Patch?

Absolutely! You can use up to 3 patches for your sleep. Most will find a drowsy and the ability to rest from one, but two or three may be required.

What if the Sleep Patch does not work for me?

We suggest applying two patches instead of one. However, in some cases, loss of sleep or the ability to rest can be caused by environmental conditions as well as your own Circadian Rhythm. Do not ignore this and consult a physician. Return unused patches within 30 Days for a full refund.