"Transforms Your Energy: Uncover Tesla's Wellness & Longevity Secret"

✅ Increases Energy

✅ Improves Physical Performance

✅ Gives Mental Clarity

✅ Reduces effects of EMF

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Pro Baseball Athlete & Commentator Chris Singleton
Wearing the Body Align Ultimate Wellness Band on National TV

Ultimate Wellness Band

(In the photo above: Chris Singleton - Pro Baseball Athlete / Speaker / Sports Caster / Ultimate Wellness Band wearer)

Experience How the Ultimate Wellness Band
Revolutionizes Your Health Now

Notice your complete transformational energy lift when you wear the Body Align Ultimate Wellness Band. Designed so when you wear the band it optimizes your energy & helps your body normalize it's response to EMF waves. For instance, you'll feel a reduction in those afternoon energy crashes and stop feeling fatigued. You'll realize better energy throughout your entire day. Which boosts your vitality. Plus, you'll see increased physical balance everytime you're wearing the Ultimate Wellness Band. Try it for yourself.

"Nikola Tesla's Breakthrough Technology Wraps Onto Your Wrist
for Your Ultimate Wellness Journey"

Nikola Tesla's legacy lives on in the BodyAlign Band.

Longitudinal Scalar Waves, one of Tesla's most important discoveries, act as a shield against pervasive EMFs, creating a sanctuary of wellness, resilience, and vitality.

We harnessed Tesla's groundbreaking discoveries in Longitudinal Scalar Waves so every band:

  • Aligns your energies by connecting and balancing your Heart Meridian & Pericardium Meridian
  • Removes inflammation and lowers blood pressure as it enhances your wellness
  • Heals damage that’s been done to your body by EMF Radiation
  • Allows better blood flow and oxygenation of your body's cells


At Body Align, we believe in the power of energy wellness. Our Ultimate Wellness Band aligns your body's energy for optimal energy, vitality and physical balance. Which removes mental fog for better brain clarity, and protects you from electromagnetic fields (EMF). Live your best life with Body Align. Try yours today!

Guiness Book of World Records Holder
Scott Cottrel
Wearing the Body Align Ultimate Wellness Band

The Ultimate Wellness Band from Body Align is designed with advanced technology for EMF protection. It is scientifically crafted to align your body's energy for optimal health and balance. Wearing it shields your body from harmful electromagnetic fields, helping you maintain your vitality amidst our technology-driven lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear the band all day?

It is recommended that you remove the band at least 1-2 hours prior to your resting time. Due to the activity caused by the band. Upon rising you can put this back on your arm.

Can I wear this anywhere else on my body and get the same results?

The left arm is slightly more energetic. However, you can wear this on the right arm without any noticeable difference. Some are able to wear this on their ankle.

How long does the band last?

The band and the frequencies embedded are in an active state as they interact with your person. However, the product may exhaust as early as 6 months and may be able to extend for up to 9 to 12 months. Depending on usage and environment.

Am I able to get the product wet?

The product is not phased nor does it have any electrical parts to be concerned with getting wet such as swimming or showering.

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