Pet Protection Tag

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The Pet Protection Tag made for dogs and cats is designed to:

✅ Help Protect Them From EMF Radiation
✅ Help Bring Back Their Bounce & Vitality
✅ Help Diminish Chronic & Acute Pain
✅ Help Protect From Fleas & Ticks
✅ Help Them Feel Like Their Old Self Again

Order Now & Protect Your Precious Fur Baby!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Have 2 dogs and each one has the body align wellness for pets. Haven't seen any fleas or ticks on them using this product and they seem to be a little more spicy with energy lately." - Janis S. (Verified purchase)

The Pet Tag brings the combined benefits of the Ultimate Wellness Band, Relief Patch, Purify Patch, and EMF Disc directly to your pets!

Protect your fur babies from the harmful effects of EMF!

By getting this pet protection tag, you're giving your pet the most benefit and overall wellness and protection from energy medicine.

It is recommended that you replace your pet tag every 9 months if you live in a high 5G frequency zone.

They are not recommended to keep on when bathing the animals.  

If the pet will not keep it on, it is also recommended to place the tag in a bed where the animal primarily sleeps. 

The pet tags expire after a year. 

(1 Pet Tag per pack)

It's simple to use. Simply add the pet tag to the collar or harness.

If you find that your pet does not rest you may remove the tag for periods of time in the evening and put it back on the collar in the morning.

The pet tag is not a substitute for medical care.

If your pet is suffering, this product may provide comfort but take the issue seriously and seek a medical professional.

The Pet Protection Tag is designed to:

✅ Help Increase Your Pet’s Energy Level

✅ Help Diminish Chronic & Acute Pain

✅ Help Reduce Effects Of Daily Toxins

✅ Help Protect From Fleas & Ticks

✅ Help Bring Back Bounce & Vitality

✅ Help Reduce EMF exposure through signaling

Order Now To Help Protect Your Fur Baby!

Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common chronically painful ailments in cats, affecting more than 90% of cats 10 years of age and older.

Spinal arthritis makes it uncomfortable to twist and turn, so grooming the body, especially the hind end, becomes difficult.

You can add the Pet Protection Tag to their collar and see if they have any noticeable improvement after the first few days.

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